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A single mint in a white or clear flowpack. Flavours available: soft mints – white, pastel or pink buttermints, soft peppermint, jelly filled mints, white or pastel chocolate mints. Hard mints – peppermint, assorted fruit balls, red, cinnamon or spearmint starlites (only available from 5000 pieces). Wrapper is printed 1 colour.

10g of original Haribo jelly shapes inside a white or clear cello bag. Your choice of mini bears, planes, hearts, dummies, fish, cars, smilies, footballs or mobile phones. Also available in 20g and 50g bags.

Fruit flavoured (with or without chewy centre) or orange Vitamin C (without chewy centre) hard boiled sweets. White paper wrappers with metallic twisted edges. The metallic colours available are: blue, gold, red, green, silver, pink and white. Printed full colour to the centre of the wrapper.

5g lollipops with process printed label. Mixture of flavours: apple, cola, lemon and strawberry. Any combination is possible (in multiples of 200). Also available with printed wrapper.

UK manufactured Neapolitan chocolates in dark or milk chocolate flavour printed full colour to the wrap.

A single chocolate wrapped in metalised silver wrapper. Praline-hazelnut filling.

Full colour digitally printed on clear or white cellophane with your choice of colour matched Jelly Bean Factory Jelly beans.

Mini love heart roll, re-wrapped and branded with your logo. Digitally printed.

12 Peppermint tablets, approx. 10 grams in gold or silver foil wrap with paper label.

Mint container containing approximately 50 mints. Our mints are certified and compliant with Global Standards for Food Safety. Printing also available on reverse side of Mint Container

Credit card mint dispenser. 6 grams mint included.

House shaped mint card with approximately 6,5 gr of sugar free mints.

Truck shaped mint card with approximately 5,5 gr of sugar free mints.

Plastic business card shaped mint holder. Contains Chinese sugar free mints.

House mint dispenser. 6 grams mints included.

Rectangular shaped plastic mint card with approximately fifty sugar free mints.

Metal mint tin with a click type lid. with approx. forty sugar free mints.

Tasty fruit flavoured Atomz in a 16 gram flip top case with full colour printed label.

Plastic house shaped mint card with approx. 50 sugar free European mints.

6 Sugar free spearmint chewing gums with Xglitol in blister pack with card casing

Plastic, heart shaped mint card with approx. sixty sugar free mints.

Heart shaped polypropylene plastic mint box dispenser. Contains 12 grams of mint.

8g / 50 sugar free peppermints in a dispenser box.

Mini Mentos drops. 5 pieces packed in silver foil and promotional wrappers. Printed in four colour process.

Rectangular shaped transparent mint card with approximately 30 sugar free mints and 7 toothpicks.

55mm milk chocolate coin wrapped in gold or silver coloured foil. Embossed 1 side only. Flat on the back. Also available as 30mm, 35mm, 66mm and 75mm. Prices are for 55mm.

10 gr sugar-free mints in plastic container and tin cover. Easy-press opening.

Filled with 12 grams of mints. Other fillings available, please enquire.

Mini box with 20 grams of mixed Jelly beans.

10 gr sugar free mints packed in a practical push-type dispenser.

Square mint card with 20 sugar free mints.

Plastic tube container with approx. 60 European mini mints.

Click clack mint tin containing approx 5g of mini mints

Plastic round container with coloured click type lid made of tin, filled with approx. 12 gr of sugar free mints.

12 Sugar free spearmint chewing gums with Xylitol in blister pack with card casing

10 large peppermints in a blister pack with all-over full colour branding to the card sleeve. Available in white with a full colour print.

Flat tin filled with 25 grams of mints. Other fillings available, please enquire. Wide range of vibrant colours.

Rectangular shaped container with approx 9g of mints

Click clack mint tin containing sugar free pepermint flavoured mints. Approximately 70 mints per tin.

Branded with your artwork in full colour, filled with sugar free mints.

Easy tin with about 28 grams of mints.

Small pouch filled with Jelly beans and branded with a domed, digitally printed label.

Logo chocolate, rectangular or round with milk or dark Belgian chocolate and a white top with up to a full colour print, supplied bulk packed.

Promotional bag with fruit pastilles and a printed full colour header card. Contains approximately 50 grams.

Mint tube with approx. 50 sugar free mints.

Small tin with approx. 25g of fresh peppermints/chocolates in a range of coloured Tins

Rectangular shaped metal containr with approximately 64 European mints per tin.

Click clack mint tin containing approx 23g of peppermint mints



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