Pen Pots and Stands



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Pen Holder with clear casing. Digital clock includes the following features: alarm, calendar and thermometer.

Brushed Metal Finish with PU Base.

Wash basket shaped desk tidy.

Desk top pen pot made from recycled material.

Made from 6mm EVA foam. Can be used to hold pens, rulers and many other objects that would normally clutter up the desk.

Green Tinted Glass Holder with Heavyweight Metal Ball Pen. Incorporates a Raised Section for Business Card & Recessed Area to Hold Paperclip.

Nickel plated metal. Matt & Shiny Silver finish with Heavyweight Metal Pen.

Basket shaped desktop pen pot.

Multipurpose desktop box with removable lid. Ideal for storing paperclips and other small desk top essentials.

Nemo pen pouch. Classic velvet pen pouch. Fits 1 pen. Velvet.

Transparent plastic pen holder with a calendar, alarm clock and thermometer. Batteries included.

Plastic pen and holder with elastic cord. Blue ink.

Pen/pencil holder with character.

Desk tidy pen pot with four functions; Time display (Hour/Minute/Second), alarm, stopwatch amd date display (Year/Month/Date).

Metal mesh pen pot and desk tidy.

Cube shaped ball pen holder with desk clock, thermometer and picture frame. ABS plastic double housing. 2 cell batteries included.

Penholder with calendar alarm clock and thermometer. 1 cell battery included.

Plastic container with a divider on the inside and a white board on the front for writing purposes, and two small magnets on the back. Includes a small erasable marker with a felt eraser on the top of the cap.

Foldable pen pot with clock and two photograph frames.

Wheelie bin shaped pen holder.



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