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Recycled paper matchbook style sticky note and flag holder. Flags in blue, green, yellow, pink and orange and sticky notes in yellow.

Self adhesive white paper note pad containing 50 sheets of 80 gsm paper.

Cloud shaped card booklet housing 6 colours of small sticky notes

Recycled carboard covered sticky note set with 50 large sheets and 150 page markers in five colours.

Card case with approximately one hundred self-adhesive memo papers and two self adhesive Pad Printeds.

Multi size sticky note-pads in strong recycled carton. Includes 5 x 25 sheets of different fluorescent colour sticky tabs and two sizes of repositioning sticky memo pads of 50 and 25 pages.

Sticky notes in paper card with ruler, clips and pen, blue ink. 50 sheet sticky note.

Wire bound notebook with two hundred and fifty sticky notes in two different sizes.

Laminated card cover contains five 20 sheet index tabs and one 75 x 75mm, 25 sheet sticky note pad. Price shown is for full colour print on the cover and 1 colour on each sheet. Individually packed in a clear self-seal bag.

Containing 50 sheets of sticky note paper, 5-10 variable designs throughout the pad. Gummed along the long edge. Bulk packed.

Cardboard holder with ruler (13cm), 4 different smaller sticky notes and 1 set of larger sticky notes one hundred sheets each. Including cardboard click-action ballpoint pen, blue ink.

Eastman sticky notes. Set of small, medium and large sticker notes in various bright colours. Cardboard.

3 popular types of sticky notes twenty five sheets each, packaged in a transparent pouch with zipper.

Booklet with one hundred and eighty sticky notes in pastel colours and a nine digit solar, credit card size, calculator.

Natural card cover post it booklet. Spiral bound. Speech bubble design

Approximately 500 sheets of plain white paper. Individually shrink-wrapped. Prices shown are for printing on the sides only same design. Each sheet printing available at extra cost.

Recycled cardboard 50 sheet notebook with pen included. Spiral bound notepad with 15 sticky notes and 75 mini sticky notes. Pen holder inside.

Small hard back book with sticky notes in 2 sizes and 5 colours of flags

Recycled cardboard sticky notepad. Ring bound sticky note holder with 100 sticky notes included. Small tab notes and larger notes in pink, blue, green, orange and yellow. Cover shaped like a speech bubble.

Solar powered credit card sized calculator in a recycled cardboard folder with 25 adhesive sticky notes and 150 sticky tabs. Great for using to mark book passages for future reference, or as a handy bookmark. Perfect for use at home, the office, school and university.

Recycled carboard covered sticky note set with 75 large sheets, 25 medium sticky notes, 125 page markers in five colours and elastic closure.

Cardboard sticky note set including 125 sticky note 50 x 15mm and a 100 sheet perforated notepad with pen slot. Recycled cardboard pen included. Blue ink.

Recycled carboard covered sticky note set with 75 large white sheets, 25 medium white sticky notes, 100 page markers in five colours and mini recycled cardboard pen.

Cardboard wiro bound sticky note set including 75 sticky notes 75 x 50 mm and 125 mini sticky notes 50 x 15 mm.



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